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Pastor Buddy Cole is a man of God who loves his congregation. He always preaches the truth in love, yet is transparent enough to deliver it with humility, knowing he too must rely on God's grace every day. Pastor Cole is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of 

God and has pastored Redemption Fellowship for over 25 years. With an anointing from the Holy Spirit our pastor uses humor and everyday life to gently pull guards down, thus allowing the Word of God to be planted in the hearts and minds of the people. Thank 

you Pastor Cole for allowing the Holy Spirit to anoint you to preach the gospel in such a powerful way!



Our local church is a body of believers whose faith has been placed in Jesus. Our love for Christ binds us together in the unity of the faith! We are family, having the love of God shed abroad in our hearts. As we come together there is an excitement in the air, lovingly greeting one another in anticipation of what God has for his people! As a church we vow to have each other's backs with prayer, love, and support as we fight this fight of faith together. We are called to be witnesses of God's great love and the hope that is only found in His son, JESUS! Our vision is to declare deliverance to those held captive and to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. Our desire is to extend great hospitality by welcoming visitors and always make sure they feel at home. Without the Holy Spirit's operation, we would just be another social gathering. We welcome the Holy Spirit to have free rein in our services, where chains can be broken and lives restored. We are Redemption Fellowship and we hope to see you soon!!!

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