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Happy Fathers Day

My Dad can beat your Dad up! My Dad is stronger than your Dad. Familiar words when I was a

little boy.

I still remember the first time a teacher went around the class and asked each student what their

Fathers did for a living. When I heard all the different answers and how the other kids seemed so proud of what their Fathers did, needless to say, when it came time for me to say what my Dad did, I must admit

that as a little boy who didn't know better, I was ashamed to say my Dad was a dishwasher.I can still hear the snickers around the room. But as time went on and we all grew older and more aware of grown up things, those same kids seemed so sad and disappointed because their Dad had left them. The trouble in the different families.

Yes, my Dad was just a lowly dishwasher, but over time, I realized he was a true hero. See, my

Dad stayed the course. He loved my Mother and raised 3 kids on that dishwasher pay. ($56.00

a week). See, my hero stayed the course, and when it counted most, he was there.

If there is one thing we need in this country today is not another entitlement, but Dads who will

stay through the good and bad. No hero is perfect, just steady. And when a Dad allows The Holy Spirit to guide him truly great things will come.

Join me Sunday Morning here at Redemption as we honor the Dads who are truly heroes.

May God bless,

Bishop Cole.

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