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There is no evidence anywhere in the ancient world that anyone disputed that the tomb of Jesus was empty on Sunday morning, not even those who crucified Jesus. And they were the ones who stood most to gain by simply hauling out the body of Jesus, pointing to it, confirming his identity, and forever putting Christianity in the grave as well. But they didn’t.

some argue that the disciples of Jesus stole the body and created the story that he rose from the dead. However, stealing a dead body is one thing, but how then do you make it appear to be alive? We aren’t dealing merely with the fact that the tomb was empty but also with the fact that hundreds of people testified to seeing Jesus alive with their own eyes. How did they make the dead body of Jesus appear to Paul on the road to Damascus a year later? And if the risen Jesus didn’t appear to Paul, why did he turn from a lucrative career as a Pharisee to one as a hunted outlaw, destined to be stoned and beaten and jailed and ridiculed and eventually decapitated? Did Paul abandon everything he had worked and sacrificed to achieve on the basis of a fabrication?

It takes alot of faith to be an atheist.

There has been many good men throughout history, but none has made the impact as Jesus. Not to mention, their grave is still occupied.

He only lived 33 years, but He changed the world with His message of hope.

And His empty tomb still gives hope to all.

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