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House of Healing

God spoke several years ago... "Redemption would be a "House of Healing." Thinking back to 1990, we were AMAZED as God began blessing our services with the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit; not realizing at the time, the sacrifice and responsibility that would be required of this body of believers, who were oblivious in the beginning, to what God had called them to do. God began by healing relationships WITHIN the "church family." (Division and contention will always hinder the work of God.) With UNITY restored, Brothers and Sisters began assembling in one accord, with a passion to worship God TOGETHER, anticipating HIM to manifest His power. Around the altars and in prayer lines, He healed marriages, brought wayward children home, brought salvation, deliverance and miraculous healings of the body. The Holy Spirit would be so strong, people would either run to the altars to make things right, or run out the door avoiding the Spirit's convictions...

Over the years, there have been MANY VICIOUS attacks and, as with any move of God, we must remain sober and alert at ALL times, not being ignorant of our enemy's ploy to stop it! Over the years, I am learning more than ever, to whom much is given much is required!! The Holy Spirit is moving and again, He's calling us OUT.

Redemption, we can be just another "ordinary" church where the Spirit is moving and be blessed, but with no desire to move to the next level, or allow the Holy Spirit to clean us up, go to the next level TOGETHER, allowing HIM to equip and place us in our positions to become a "House of Healing." I too, agree with a statement made by Smith Wigglesworth and am believing for Redemption to Rise up again, above an "ordinary" church, allowing God to have HIS way! (To be a "House of Healing," we WILL NOT BE AN ORDINARY CHURCH!) May we begin now, to personally, surrender to the Holy Spirit and be ready to take our places. "God has privileged us in Christ Jesus to live above the "ordinary" human plane of life. Those who want to be ordinary and live on a lower plane can do so, but as for me, I will not." -- Smith Wigglesworth. God Bless, Sis. Cole

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