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As 2015 ends...

As we come to the end of 2015, our nation is in a lot of turmoil. The economy is in the tank and our Government has no clue how to fix anything. Our nation has once again been attacked by terror. Radical islam has murdered American citizens in an American city, and once again, our Government has no clue how to respond.

Los Angles closed their entire school system because of a threat of terror. Americans are scared and mad.

The Presidential Candidates talk a lot but we all know that things change when they get to Washington.

I truly believe that somewhere America will wake up to the fact that with all their best efforts, man will not heal our land. I want the Church to be encouraged. God has placed us where we are for a purpose.

I believe that 2016 will be a year of blessing and favor for Redemption Fellowship. We must not give in to the discouragement and disappointment.

When our new State Bishop came to Texas he came with the theme, “Poised For Greatness”.

I agree with him, I believe that God has brought us to this place and equipped us with a message of hope for our community. Just as the birth of Jesus brought hope so many years ago, so today, we are equipped with the good news that “unto us a child is given”.

We will not be overwhelmed by the challenges ahead of us, but will meet them with faith and a trust that The Lord will be with us through it all.

Have a blessed Christmas, and from my family to yours, God Bless

Bishop Buddy Cole

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