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A day worth remembering...

Fourth of July, Independence Day. I question sometimes just how important this holiday is to America today. Has it become just another day that gets us out of work.

Another reason to cook out and gather with family.

It still humbles me when I reflect on the sacrifices made by so many that gives me the freedom to do these things. The cost of freedom h

as a very high price tag. A simple truth that must be handed down to each new generation is the fact that "freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it".

As a child growing up the true cost of freedom was revealed to me in a way that at the time I did not understand.

But it was a lesson I will never forget. I did not understand at the time why my Dad did not sleep in the same bed with my Mom. A little boy could not understand why his hero (my Dad) would wake up in the night screaming from the nightmares. FREEDOM COST ALOT.

At 23 years old my Dad, along with hundreds of other young men took an ocean cruise. No it wasn't Carnival or one of the other cruise lines. It was courtesy of the United States Army. They would crawl into a boat and on 6th. June, 1944, facing almost certain death, begin the task of liberating Europe from an evil that desired to take all freedom away.

That morning on Bloody Omaha Beach, young men paid for my freedom. You see, these brave kids sacrificed everything. Most of them would never live to have a family, never see their loved ones again. But they did it anyway. Why? Because they loved their country, and they loved the freedom they had.

I'll take this moment to thank EVERY Veteran who has helped pay for my freedom.

Times have changed. That is not new revelation. But comparing what Dad went through in 1944 to today's 18 to 25 year old's is very disconcerting. In 1944 they stormed the beaches of Normandy. In 2016, if you don't agree with them or hurt their feelings, they protest and riot.

Lord, bring our country back to a place where we are proud of our Country, our Constitution, and our freedom.

Thanks for what you did for me Dad!!

From a grateful Son.

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